Going above and beyond the call of duty is something that some, if not most, police officers at least attempt to do...in Wyoming, anyway.

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And that's exactly what an officer in Glenrock did when he quite literally saved a man's life with nothing but a medical kit and a strength of character that was truly on display that night.

According to a social media post from the Glenrock Police Department, Animal Control Officer McCrary was the alone at the police station one night when he was forwarded a call from dispatch.

According to dispatch, a male subject had accidentally "sliced his wrist to the bone." The man's wife called dispatch and said that they were driving to the police station.

Knowing that he was the only one there, and that it would take too long for an ambulance to make it to the man, ACO McCrary prepared himself for a literal life and death situation.

The officer picked up his tactical medical kit, which was probably, previously, only used on various animals. He took a deep breath and he waited for the man and his wife to arrive.

When they did, ACO McCrary quickly got to work.

"ACO McCrary applied a tourniquet and bandages to the male, which was later credited with saving his life by the attending surgeons," the post revealed.

ACO McCrary saved that man's life and, at Monday's Glenrock Town Council Meeting, he was given a 'Lifesaving Award.' The best part about it was that the man whose life was saved by McCrary was the one who presented the award to him.

"These lifesaving actions were well above and beyond for any ACO, but not ours!" the post said. "We are fortunate to have employees like ACO McCrary working for our great community. If you see Stuart out and about, please congratulate him."

It was a touching moment, and one that shows what really makes up an officer of the law. It's not the badge, it's not the gun, it's not the car. It's the strength and resolve of a person. It's character. It's integrity. It's a desire to save, and change, lives. That's what ACO McCrary did and, in doing so, he saved a man's life.

The Glenrock PD shared a few of the photos from the council meeting. In them, you can see the joy on ACO McCrary's face, and on the faces of his colleagues, as well as the man whose life he saved.

But there's one picture, in particular, that sums of the entire idea of police, or firefighters, or first responders in general. In that picture, while ACO McCrary smiles and holds his award in one hand, he offers his other hand to the man whose life he saved. The man took it, and held on. And isn't that the point of first responders; to offer their hand, even if the other one is full, and say "I've got you. I won't let go."

That's what Stuart McCrary did. It's what these first responders, the good ones, do on a daily basis.

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