Wyoming Governor Mark Gordon is growing a beard.

Not saying anything critical.

We've just always known him as a clean-shaven guy.

But then all at once he makes an appearance with a good amount of face fuzz just growing in.

As expected, he's got some grey going on in it.

From the governor's Facebook page, we see the photo below of an event he attended and, WHAT THE HECK?

attachment-Governor Gordon BEARD 1

So do we want to just say that he felt like growing a beard or do we want to go all TIN HAT and come up with some conspiracy theory?

I'm all for inventing conspiracy theories.

Because... why not?

1) Sending Secret Signals

Governor Gordon is sending a secret signal to, somebody. "If you see me growing a beard then we are a go for launch." You can let your imagination go wild on what the beard signal is telling who to do what.

2) An Imposter

This is NOT Governor Mark Gordon. He has been replaced by someone who has a beard. They thought we would not notice, but we did. No telling who this replacement is or where the real Mark Gordon is. We suspect space aliens.

YUP, that means you're looking at a space alien in that photo.

Below is what the REAL Mark Gordon looked like before he was kidnapped by space aliens, or Russians, or the Chinese, or whatever.

I think we all can see the difference.

Mark Gordon/ Governor Site
Mark Gordon/ Governor Site

3) The Fake Outer

He grew this beard just to see what jackass in the media would write a STUPID article about him growing a beard and... (Aw damn it).

If you have more theories, let us know.

We will keep you posted to see if the governor or his office says anything about this new look, because who really reports REAL news anymore?

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