Wyoming is pretty much a square state.

Almost, but not quite.

The top of the state is a little shorter than the bottom due to the curvature of the Earth.

Flat Eartherers hate that fact.

If you could put a pin on the exact CENTER of Wyoming, where do you think it would be?

Could you be sure you found it?

Google Earth is sure.

So, let's zoom in to see what is there.


I have information on how to get to the Castle Garden's Petroglyphs, below.

attachment-Geographic Center Of Wyoming 2

Let's try a satellite photo.

Like these maps, the images come from Google.

Looks like nothing out there but ranchland, just like we thought.

It is located on the Love Ranch.

There are many dirt ranch roads around it.

There is a smaller two-rut dirt road that can take a person there.

That is if someone wants to claim to have been to the exact center of Wyoming

The only problem is, no cell service.

I know, I've been out to this area to see the Castle Gardens.

So you'll need GPS to find it.

attachment-Geographic Center Of Wyoming 3

I say we go out there with some debris and what looks like the bones of an alien and its spacecraft.

Honestly, if we do that we can make this place, out in the middle of NOTHING, a tourist attraction.

Just like Roswell New Mexico is out in the middle of NOTHING, but look at all the tourism it gets.

At least let's go out there with a sign that says, EXACT GEOGRAPHIC LOCATION OF THE CENTER OF WYOMING.

Then we have a space alien holding the sign.

ANYWAY- Just south of the exact center of Wyoming is Castle Gardens. 

Okay, I know, I'm obsessed with the space alien idea.

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