Despite new charter schools opening up in several communities, and discussions on a voucher program ongoing in the state legislature, Wyoming received a bad overall grade in a new report on education freedom. 

(These are the opinions of one research group).

The American Legislative Exchange Council of State Education Freedom gave Wyoming a "D" 

"States are increasingly recognizing that each student has his or her own unique needs, background, and learning style, and these new rankings focus on state-level policies that maximize educational opportunity for all students," said the report, which scores states in the following categories: financing programs, charter schools, homeschooling, virtual schooling and open enrolment.

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The reason for Wyoming's poor grade was not about the quality of education but a zero score in the school financing section.

“They have no programs like tax credit scholarships or vouchers or educational savings accounts (ESAs) that could help families go to a private school, so, that really knocked them down,” said Andrew Handel, director of ALEC’s Education and Workforce Development Task Force,

The report also breaks down Wyoming's grades by category.

It's not all bad.

The "F" was for financing programs.

Wyoming scored a "D" in the charter schools.

A "D" in open enrollment.

A "C" in virtual schooling.

Gregory Rec/Portland Press Herald via Getty Images
Gregory Rec/Portland Press Herald via Getty Images

One good grade the state got was a "B" in homeschooling.

Some of our neighbors did not fare so well.

Nebraska received a hard "F."

Montana and South Dakota come in with a grade of "C."

Idaho, Colorado, and Utah each got a "B."

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Local Pilots Give Wyoming Kids A Free Flight

Does your kid want to be a pilot?

There is no way of knowing unless they get a chance to get in an airplane and get up there.

Thanks to a Wyoming chapter of EAA, (Experimental Aircraft Association), kids in Wheatland Wyoming got that chance this past weekend.

Local pilots offered free rides to all kids, breakfast included.

The hope is that maybe some of these kids will get that urge to want to fly and pursue a career as a pilot.

America needs more pilots.

Gallery Credit: Glenn Woods

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