Not all public schools are bad.

Not all public school teachers are bad.

But enough has gone wrong with the public school system, in Wyoming as well as across America, that more parents are thinking of alternatives.

Charter schools and private schools are among the options.

Wyoming is considering a school voucher system to help parents should they want to transition.

For some, that means homeschooling. 

But you can't just keep your kid home. You need to let the state know why your kid is not in school.

Wyoming has a homeschool website to help parents with that transition.

attachment-Homeschool 1

Wyoming is a homeschool-friendly state, but there are still some things you'll need to know.

Homeschool Wyoming recommends and advocates for homeschooling that is Parent Directed, Home based, and Privately (not publicly) funded.

Recognizing that there are other publicly funded "at home" education options, homeschooling gives families the freedom to create a customized educational plan for each child.

Homeschool Wyoming has been supporting homeschoolers in Wyoming since 1996.

There are a few things that you need to know to get started on the right path.

Below is a sample letter to send to the state.
attachment-Homeschool letter of intent
Follow this link to read more from Wyoming's Homeschool Website.

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