The night is done. That hot costume with the mask that was hard to see out of is taken off.  It was stuffy under that thing, hard to breathe.

Time to inspect the night's haul.

Candy is poured out on to the bed. The sorting begins. What is considered to be junk candy is separated out to one side, favorites on the other side, the rest is negotiable.

Some will be eaten on the spot. Favorites first. Even though you promised yourself to eat them a little at a time, the temptation is too great. Eventually all will be eaten until there is nothing left but the junk candy that nobody really wants. Eventually even those will be choked down.

But wait, is that the sound of a sibling coming down the hall? Should you stuff as much as you can under the covers and pretend you did not do all that well?

"Trade you this for two of those?"

And so it begins.

The video below is one of the best ever made for YouTube. It is the ultimate Halloween trading guide, to make sure you don't get screwed.

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