You have a herd of sheep that need to be rounded up. You also have a mini-dachshund with a feisty attitude. What do you do? The obvious answer is you let the little dog do his thing just like this video shows.

This little guy is named Frankie. Watch him go to town with this sheep herd.

Here's a little snippet about how his family described this little ball of furry dynamite:

Frankie is a 6-year-old Mini dachshund. He loves the farm life...

That sounds about right. If you check out the profile of a mini-dachshund on Pet Finder, you'll see this is one dog you don't want to underestimate. Their description is spot-on for this dog breed:

The Dachshund is bold, curious, and always up for adventure.

Herding sheep? No problem for little Frankie.

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