A few years back I was asked by a local newspaper to stay at the Occidental Hotel in Buffalo Wyoming. They just wanted a simple writeup on the history of the hotel. So, I get to stay in one of Wyoming's cutest little towns, at my favorite historic hotel, for free, and get paid for it? Why would I turn that down?

But this is Wyoming and, at the same time, my life is wonderfully strange, so I ended up becoming trapped there for two nights when a freak blizzard blew in and closed the highways.

There were a few other guests trapped there, including The Paranormal Research Group from Sheridan Wyoming.

I did not get much sleep those two nights. Not because I was scared. Honestly I wasn't. It was just too much fun following these people around.

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These paranormal investigators had all the latest gadgets and had studied up on the history of the hotel before they arrived.

I asked if I could tag along and shoot video of them working. They were delighted and allowed me to tour around with several teams.

The video, above, is not just about ghosts, but how these folks hunt for ghosts. The equipment they use and the explanations of what they are looking for is interesting.

After this adventure I can honestly say that I spent two nights at the hotel and did not try out my bed once.

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