Most Wyoming tourists pay to go into a park to see wild bison.

But there are a few places where you can watch free-range herds, for free.

Thermopolis, Wyoming has them living behind the hot springs.

But did you know about the herds located near the base of Laramie Peak, in South East Wyoming?

It's a bit of a drive to get out there but between the herd and the mountains, you'll never forget this trip.

Laramie Peak Wyoming Bison

Enjoy watching open-range bison, for free, with one of Wyoming's most famous mountains in the background.

Gallery Credit: Glenn Woods

The Bison Secret Of Thermopolis Wyoming

Thermopolis has so much to offer.
The Wind River Canyon.
River Rafting
Fly Fishing
Unique Shops.
Dinosaur Bone Hunting.
Dinosaur Museum.

Did you know about the Thermopolis buffalo pasture?

Gallery Credit: Glenn Woods

Baby Bison In Thermopolis Wyoming

Gallery Credit: Glenn Woods

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