According to Nebraska rancher Trent Loos, so much of what people hear about farming and ranching is simply false.

Before humans began to settle what we now call North America the land was lush and green, filled with all sorts of life and nature and the climate were in perfect balance. RIGHT? --- W R O N G !

Before human life, Earth adapted and adjusted to constant climate change, as it does today. Herds would get too large and then die out from disease and starvation. When a grassland or forest fire began it would rage across the continent.

Europeans made a bigger mess of things when they first came here.

Then we began to learn to manage the land.

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In the video, below, you'll hear Nebraska rancher Trent Loos talk with Wyoming radio talk host Glenn Woods about how modern farming and ranching has learned to work nature into a balance that is beneficial to the animals they raise, as well as wildlife.

Wildlife sees an enormous benefit from what farmers and ranchers do and it causes them to thrive in a healthy way.

You will hear the word "sustainable" kicked around a lot today. But in most cases the people using it do not actually have an understanding of what makes something sustainable, balanced, and beneficial to the planet.

Trent explains how we must make sure the land and the animals he works are in balance if he wants is business to survive. If he was raping the land he would be out of business in a year.

You might enjoy Trent's radio broadcasts, written columns, views of real life on the ranch and video productions by browsing his website.

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