CAUTION: Research, studies, and polls are often skewed to get the results that special interest groups want you to hear.

This is true for "studies" on culture, economics, politics, and climate change.

For the purposes of this story let's focus on some past and recent claims in surveys taken on what "experts" and the general public think about climate change.

You might have heard that 97% of scientists believe in Global Warming or Climate Change. What you were not told was how that so-called survey was done and how it made it look like the majority of scientists agree.

In that 97% claim, they never asked any scientists any questions. They also never asked any climate scientists WHY they think the climate is changing.

Watch here as Dr. Willie Soon explains why that study was fake.

So, no, there is no such thing as a consensus among scientists on this topic.

Also, science is not based on what the majority think.

A new headlines claims:

Survey: While some Western states lag, vast majority of Americans believe climate change is real. (WPM).

Yet like the 97% claim, what they leave out is that most Americans believe that climate change is a real thing.

But, most people think it's natural, not man-made.

In the many media writeups about a recent Pew Research study on the topic, every news outlet fails to include important paragraphs like...

Less than half of the public (40%) favors phasing out the production of gas-powered cars and trucks. Support for this policy is 7 percentage points lower than it was two years ago. And underscoring the strong feelings big changes to American life can engender, 45% say they would feel upset if gas-powered cars were phased out; fewer than half as many (21%) would feel excited. (Pew Research Study).

Tero Vesalainen
Tero Vesalainen

The majority of the American people are not doing anything to drastically cut their carbon footprint to fight a "climate crisis."

So, then can we say that the majority of the American people believe that there is a crisis?

If so many people, according to this Pew study, believe that humans are causing a "Climate Crisis," then why are so few people willing to do anything about it?

This is especially true of the leaders of the climate change movement. People like our current president, Al Gore, Leonardo DiCaprio, and so many more who live in big mansions, ride around in fleets of SUVs and fly the world in corporate jets. Yet they claim we all need to reduce our carbon footprint. Do they really believe what they say? It's rather obvious that they don't.

recent study found that CO2 emissions from fossil fuels are too low to cause global warming. That seems like important information. But news media outlets, politicians, and activists will ignore that important piece of information.

Then we have to go back to the idea that a consensus opinion is a reality.

Black woman signs a petition at her front door

Human history is replete with stories of the majority of people believing something, and everybody being WRONG!

So we have cherry-picked data.

Fake Data, studies, and surveys.

Then, important information that might change the narrative is ignored.

From this we can conclude what we have always known: You can't believe everything you read.

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