Matt Micheli (Former Chairman, Wyoming Republican Party) recently wrote an op-ed for Cowboy State Daily. He is getting more than just a little frustrated with those who are, as he put it, "addicted to the fight" but can't seem to offer any real solutions to our state's problems.

Mr. Micheli was good enough to come on the Wake Up Wyoming program to talk about what he meant. You can hear that interview at this link.

There was backlash against Micheli over, in part, his call for civility.

But then came Douglas Gerard's response in Cowboy State Daily where he said,

"Despite calls for civility in politics, the liberal Republicans have done their best to sabotage the Wyoming Republican Party. For example, Frontier Republicans and their assorted minions have:

  • At their opening meeting called for civility and then immediately called those they disagree with ‘cockroaches.’
  • Supported the campaigns of Democrats
  • Boycotted fundraisers for the Wyoming Republican party
  • Held a fundraiser for Frontier Republicans while the Wyoming Republican Party honored the Wyoming congressional delegation.
  • Stormed out of the state convention after losing several votes by decisive two-thirds majorities. "

Mr. Gerard was good enough to come on the morning show to explain what he meant. To be clear, Mr. Gerard also wants civil discourse, but finds it hard to achieve in an atmosphere of hypocrisy.

Mr. Micheli is correct when he says, "That was the entire point of my op-ed. Politics based on fear and anger will not solve Wyoming’s $1.5 billion deficit."

You can hear my conversation with Mr Gerard in the video above.

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