Wasn't the weather for the 4th of July just wonderful?

The weekend after the 4th gave us cool temperatures with just a little bit of rain.

Glad you enjoyed it.

So sorry about what comes next.

Monday, July 8th will not be so bad. Expect low 80s for most of the state.

Tuesday edges up to mid 80's.

The trend will continue. The temps just keep climbing, reaching low 90s by Wednesday.

It will be very hot on Thursday and Friday as high temperatures that were on the West Coast move into Wyoming. Expect the upper 90s.

Regional weatherman Don Day explains the forecast in the video below. 

Those temperatures will hold through the weekend.

Some areas may reach 100F.

If the forecast holds then we can expect a little rain and a bit of a cooldown for the week after.

Let's look on the bright side; Wyoming and most of the West and Midwest have been spared the scorching heat waves that the East and West Coast have had to put up with this summer. To put up with it for a week is not so bad.

While heatwaves like this are annoying they are nothing new, and only a few local records have been broken around the nation.

The cause has been high-pressure systems that have drawn tropical air up.

The cooler days were caused by low-pressure systems and wandered down from Canada.

Flushed man feeling hot in front of a fan

The hottest temperatures on record for the United States, according to NOAA, as a whole, occurred back in the 1930s.

Some of the coolest temperatures on record for the nation, according to NOAA, occurred in the 1970s and the 1990s.

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