There is a way for Natrona County residents to get rid of their leftover prescription medications in a safe, environmentally friendly way.

According to Healthy Natrona County, the Casper Police Department has a bin located in their lobby to dispose of prescription medications. It's accessible to anyone, any time, any day.

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It's also relatively secluded so those wishing to drop off their medications won't have to talk to anyone.

That is, unless they want to, in which case the friendly officers at Casper PD would love to say hi.

Healthy Natrona County says that flushing medication down the toilet or throwing them in the trash is bad for the environment and community.

"By properly disposing of medication, you're preventing suicide and drug abuse," the organization said.

The Casper Police Department is located at 201 North David Street. The lobby is open all day, every day so there's no excuse to not properly get rid of those extra meds.

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