Two old Wyoming radio stations that have been on AM since way back when can now also be heard on FM, but just in the Casper, Evansville, and Mills area.

That's good news for the listeners of one of those two stations. The quality of the signal is FANTASTIC!

Those folks that love old-time country music can now hear AM 1400, The Cowboy, on 101.9 FM.


For the talk radio listener, K2 in Casper is now also on 95.1 FM. Now their favorite talk stations sound crystal clear.


KTWO, or K2 as the station is called, is Wyoming's first radio station. it has been on AM since 1930.

K2 was first authorized, as KDFN, in the summer of 1929, and made its debut broadcast on January 2, 1930.

This now gives many more ways to listen to your favorite stations. Their content is on AM - FM - on your computer through their websites and of their apps.

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Those apps are free to download and provide news as you would get from your local TV and Newspaper, and a variety of entertainment for free.

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You can even listen to old programs through the app "ON DEMAND" option.

The company that owns the stations, Townsquare Media, believes in all of the above approaches to technology.

There are those who still love their old radio. But many people have switched to their cell phones over TV, Newspapers, and radio.

Townsquare will deliver news, weather, talk shows, and music plus sport and other entertainment wherever the public chooses to go.

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Way back when, in the early days of radio, there was only the AM signal. 

AM (amplitude modulated) has its advantages. It travels with the curve of the earth and can be heard for a long-distance away. At night AM stations actually have to turn down their power. Without interference from the Sun, their signal goes a very long distance.

But the downside to AM radio is the quality. It just never sounded that good.

FM (frequency modulated) is a line of sight. The advantage there is the high quality of the music coming through. Yet FM can't travel with the curve of the earth so it doesn't go very far.

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But FM sounded so good it almost KILLED those old AM radio stations when it came along.

What saved AM radio was talk radio. Nobody really cares about the quality when it's just a bunch of talk shows. Talk radio has been one of the most listened to formats for decades. Without it, AM radio would have died out a long time ago.

If you live in the Casper area, try 95.1 FM and ------ and lock it in on your radio dial. You'll love the clean quality.

Any Townsquare radio station you enjoy listening to is available for free at your app store.

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