You may have heard some strange, animalistic sounds emanating from outside all around our beautiful city recently, and here's why. There's a new Facebook group, which is growing exponentially, asking residents to make a joyful noise every evening from the safety of their homes.

The Howl for Casper Facebook group was created by Johhny Huff. The about section of the group lays out how he came up with the idea:

I saw this in another city. Casperites, each night at 8 p.m, please head outside your home and HOWL or CHEER for our health care workers and essential workers that are truly keeping the nation on their feet, and to remind everyone in the community that we are NOT alone in this economic crisis. Let’s show them how much their hard work and dedication is appreciated by all of us. Plus it’ll be nice to step outside and get some cool fresh air!! This is a great way for all of us to be connected even when we are distanced (other than the internet) so be as loud as you can!!!!

Since yesterday evening (April 5th, 2020), membership has grown from 800 members to over 2900! Let's all have some fun and get our howl on for an awesome cause.

Click here more information and to join the official "How For Casper" Facebook group.

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