61.7% of the vote? That's impressive Mark. How did you do it?

I remember back in 2020 when Governor Gordon implemented some COVID mandates in the state of Wyoming, an angry voter posted on social media "GORDON IS DONE!"

Done? In what way? Did he mean that Gordon would not be electable after that?

So how then did Mark Gordon get 61.7% of the vote in last Tuesday's primary?

Let's look at what each candidate vying for the election had to deal with and what they did wrong. They did so much wrong.

The other candidates in the race had an uphill battle just to get their names out there.

attachment-GOP Primary Governor

When discussing politics off the air I often asked people, do you know, can you name, the people running for the GOP nomination for Governor?

No one could ever name them all. That's the problem.

To run for office a candidate must lay the groundwork before an announcement is made of intention to run.

Money must be raised. Campaign workers must be secured in each county to do the legwork.


An entire political strategy must be laid out in advance AND THEN the candidate can announce that they are running.

Most candidates running against Gordon were making it up as they went with no clear idea as to how to get their name and their message out there.

They did not have people across Wyoming helping them.

They had no idea how to raise money.

Some did not even know how to speak to an audience when they finally got in front of one.

As for Gordon, he had it easy.

A sitting governor always has an easy campaign, by comparison to all the rest.

Just because he is governor he is in the news all the time.

All he really needs to do is act and look like he belongs where he is.

People see it. People vote for it.

Still, Gordon made sure to have a campaign staff and a strategy in place before he even announced.

Mark Gordon has been in politics long enough to know how it is done.

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