Many news stories about energy are misleading, even when they are trying to be.

Let's have a look at the wording used, and correct it.

You might read a story about "dirty fossil fuels."

First, there is no such thing as a "fossil fuel."

If you look into where coal, gas, and oil come from you'll see that none of those forms of energy has anything to do with fossils.

Petroleum has nothing to do with dinosaurs. It comes from ancient microbes that existed a billion or more years before dinosaurs.

Natural gasses come from things that are farting, burping, or decomposing. That also has nothing to do with fossils.

What gives us coal went through the process of coalification. Not fossilization. So we eliminate coal as a "fossil fuel."

Wind and solar power are often referred to as "clean, green, sustainable, reliable, and affordable."

But for the creation of wind and solar power, including those massive battery farms that are necessary for them, we must use coal and gas.

Mining for and extracting rare earth minerals is a toxic process.

So is disposing of them.

Wind and solar are proven to be highly unreliable.

It also costs so much that it must be heavily subsidized or it would go bankrupt.

Using wind and solar always comes with heavy increases in electric bills for customers.

So those forms of energy are nowhere near "clean, green, sustainable, reliable, or affordable."

If news organizations were really interested in reporting unbias news they would simply use the words, "coal, gas, and oil," and "wind and solar."

They would not use misleading terms to try and steer public perception.

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