BELOW is a video of a snowplow driver giving advice on how to to get plowed by a snowplow. 

The driver in this video has a great sense of humor, but he is also very serious about what he is saying.

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You would think that nobody would need to say this.

You would think that nobody would have to repeat this every year.

YET! Here we are!

So let's take a look at how often this happens.

Courtesy: WYDOT
Courtesy: WYDOT

Snowplow crash counts in recent winter seasons are as follows, according to WYDOT: 2019-2020: 23 crashes2018-2019: 8 crashes2017-2018: 8 crashes.

The snowplow driver in this video breaks down why trying to pass a plow is just STUPID.

The wave that the plow creates can pull a car IN!

That big shovel throws all sorts of debris OUT!

William Thomas Cain
William Thomas Cain

Personally, I look at one of those things and I can't believe anyone would ever try it.

I mean, come on, that thing is massive and the shovel is massive-er. So what are you thinking here?

How about just slow down and enjoy driving behind a freshly plowed road that just had some dirt dumped on it?

But some people just can't handle waiting. They try to plow by the plow driver and end up in the ditch or in the hospital.

There are those people who drive smart and there are those people who drive as if they have something to prove.

I could try to lecture here, but the people who think they have something to prove also think they are smart.

THEY ARE NOT! So they quit reading this a long time ago and they never watched the above video.

Wave to them as you see them spin off into the ditch.

Pray, they don't put themselves and some other people in the hospital.

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