Days after the big snowmageddon event that shot down half of the state of Wyoming folks are still digging out, and frankly, we are all getting a little tired of the work.

This is why humans invent amazing machines that do the work for us. But not all of us own one of those contraptions. Some people decided, instead, to go with a more organic approach. They had kids.

But what if you don't have a machine, and you don't have kids? What then?

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You can always offer to pay the kid. But wait, there might be a better idea.

Does your neighbor come over to your home and borrow your lawn mower in the summer? Maybe a power tool or two? Maybe it's time he returned the favor. Just ask to borrow his kids. Unlike those power tools he had never returned you'll bring those kids right back as soon as you are done with them.

I was thinking about this while at work, rather than doing my job, and I decided to ask Wyoming's sports caster Frank Gambino. I know you're probably thinking Frank would be the worst person in the world to ask, and you would be correct. Between the two of us we had what might be the dumbest conversation in the history of radio- and I'm kinda proud of that.

You can listen to us work this problem out in the audio below:

Wyoming Shelter Dogs Having Fun In The Snow

If you enjoy these pictures, please consider following the links above to give back to these organizations that help feed and shelter Wyoming animals, especially on snowy days like this: 

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