9 Wyoming airports are offering commercial flights.

Wyoming is a big state where folks have become used to driving long distances to get to the next town.

What if you could fly commercially across Wyoming rather than drive?

You can. It's just going to be WEIRD.


It doesn't evennhave to be expensive.

Let's say you wanted to travel from Rock Springs to Jackson. You can do that for only $79.00.

You'll most likely have to wait to find a good deal. If money is no object, you can take flights like this at any time.

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You can fly Casper to Jackson for less money round trip than it would cost to drive one way and it would take a lot less time, even with the layover.

Layover? Yes, you will have to fly through Denver or Salt Lake City. Follow this link to see available flights.

Prices will be REALLY HIGH, or really low, depending on when you're willing to go.

Let's try flying from Gillette to Cheyenne.

Yes, you can do that too.

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If you're thinking, 'Hold on, there are no direct fights between those two towns,' you would be correct.

You'll fly from Gillette to Denver, then back up to Cheyenne.

No matter where you want to go you'll have to leave the state and come back.

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Cody to Laramie? No problem.

In most cases, flights will take you to Denver and then back up. A few flights might route you through Salt Lake City.

The 9 Wyoming airports offering commercial fights are:

Jackson Hole
Cody Yellowstone Regional
Cheyenne Regional
Natrona County/Casper
Laramie Regional
Sheridan County
Riverton Regional
Gillette Regional
Rawlins Regional

Photo By Tim Mandese
Photo By Tim Mandese

Mix and match to create your adventure.

Have a good time.

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