Recently some Wyoming photographers stayed up most of the night at Devils Tower, photographing the comet Neowise. 

Then there was that high speed UFO that passed over Casper Wyoming just a few nights ago. Where was it going? Why didn't it stop?

Not a single space alien to be found. Nothing. What a disappointment.

So what exactly does a person have to do to meet a space alien in this state? If you can't meet one in the middle of the night at Devils Tower, then where? When?

All of the suggestions below are taken from what we have seen in Hollywood movies, so they must be true.

Like fishing, this guide will show you when, where, and how to bait the aliens.

And now we begin:

Space aliens do not tend to show up in the winter. This makes sense because in pretty much every alien movie we see, they are not wearing much. Since they like to go shirtless, and pantless in some cases, it's a good bet that they would prefer to visit in the summer.

Never pick the hottest summer days. You might remember the first Predator movies where the killer aliens only came during the hottest summers. So while there is a good chance you might see one, but you also might not because they have that cloaking device they will be using just before they kill you...

Live in a crappy trailer, but never in a trailer park. Every time we hear a report of a space alien visiting a single wide, that hunk of junk is not parked in with a lot of other trailers. You'll need to pick a deserted location, lots of sage brush. Only dirt roads leading to it.

Drive a crappy pickup truck. Aliens like to impress us with their "superior technology." That is why they never pull over the latest state-of-the-art sports car. They love pulling over crappy, rusty trucks. It makes their crappy space craft look better by comparison.

Park at a rail road crossing. Like the scene in the movie Close Encounters Of The Third Kind and many other alien movies, they like to freak us out by dropping the crossing guard for no reason, ringing the bell and blinking the lights. So be on the lookout.

There you go - that is all you need to know, according to the movies.

Remember, this is like fishing. You've baited your hook. You'll need to be patient.

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