President Biden and his administration have unleashed a war on American energy.

It's hurt states like Wyoming, with effects felt across the nation.

Blocking projects, slowing permits, and punishing regulations have been catastrophic for America. The problem is only going to get worse unless a few things are changed, even reversed.

Wyoming needs to find every way it can to get around these roadblocks.

Much like North Dakota did during its oil boom a few years back. All the work happened on private land. The Obama administration could do nothing to stop it. At the same time, Obama tried to take credit for the energy boom, that he could not stop.

There is no point in waiting for this current congress or this president to make the necessary changes to fix these problems. They are not going to. They will just continue to double and triple down on their nation-wrecking policies.

There is a solution.


Wyoming can get around the Feds by working with energy-friendly states.

Let states like California make their own mistakes. Hopefully, they learn from them. But don't hold your breath on that one.

If we quit taking money from the feds for failed wind and solar projects, as well as EV charging stations, then focus on doing business with like-minded states, we won't need or care about what the Biden administration says.

America is a Republic. 

As a republic, we are made up of 50 separate nations working as a corporative.

These individual states were not meant to be ruled by the Federal Government.

That means we can choose to do business with other like-minded states, which helps us to avoid most Federal regulations.

Governor Gordon can help a little. But most of the work and deals we make must be done in the private sector, away from most government control.

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