House Republicans have accused at least 15 powerful financial firms and advocacy groups of conspiring to force major companies to reduce organic fuel production (coal, gas & oil) to address climate change.

The GOP says the plan is harming consumers and our nation in the process.

“You are evil,” Republican Rep. Harriet Hageman of Wyoming during a House Judiciary subcommittee hearing. “And what you are attempting to do — and the violations of law that you are engaged in — is absolutely stunning.”

It was not surprising that the accused rejected the charge.

They claim their investors evaluate their companies based on profitability amid the clean energy transition.

To see Congresswoman Hageman question those in front of her scroll to 44:42 in the video below.

Many of these companies have joined coalitions called Climate Action 100+, which helps investors push companies toward decarbonization.

Where we disagree, the congresswoman said to one witness, is that your engagement is designed to fundamentally change business and industries to the detriment of consumers in a manner which is not, indeed, collaberation. But collusion.

As is typical when the congresswoman tends to set up "gotcha" questions and expects the witness to answer with a yes or no. Some of the people Congresswoman Hageman was questioning on this day tried their best not to bite on her hook.

The congresswoman then quoted members of the group before her on statements they have made regarding keeping organic fuels in the ground.

The point of the congresswoman's questioning was to highlight that the only way to reach their climate goals production would have to be reduced, greatly.

attachment-Hageman Hur Biden Report

But reducing production, Hagemand asserted, harms the public good, with shortages and higher prices.

Hageman concluded by talking about her mother, who is 101 years old, and all of the astounding changes her mother has seen in her life.

Life, Hageman argued, has been transformed for the better by cheap and reliable energy.

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