A Verizon outage has left many residents of Casper and beyond without the means to make phone calls. But what about those who are having an emergency?

Natrona County Emergency Management has put out a social media post, stating that if people are experiencing an emergency and are unable to call 9-1-1, they can text their emergency to that same number.

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"Verizon Wireless is reporting intermittent Voice Call Disruption in Natrona County, as well as in Sublette County, and possibly other areas of the state," Natrona County Emergency Management wrote in a Facebook post. "This is a multi-state outage, and there is currently no estimated time until repair.
"If you're experiencing an emergency and are unable to dial out to 9-1-1, you can text your emergency to 9-1-1. Please use plain messaging, and don't shorten expressions. Please avoid emojis. Telecommunicators will receive the communication on the same console as voice calls and will be able to dispatch the most appropriate first-responder."
K2 Radio News will continue to update this story as more details become available.

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