The past week or more has brought heavy winds and then finally a drop in temperatures along with snow and ice.

The only reason folks across the region have kept warm is because of the coal and natural gas plants that are producing reliable energy for their homes and businesses.

Wind turbines are being planted across Wyoming are being called, by some, the new hope for energy.

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Yet this "new hope" is not reliable. 

Those turbines do not turn when it is too windy, or when it is not windy enough. They also don't turn when it is too hot, or too cold.

Add some snow and ice to the blades and once again they can't turn.

These blades, in the video below, are seeing icing over and coming to a halt.

So here we are in a time of year when we really need reliable energy and the source that is supposed to replace coal and natural gas can't even crank out a single watt of energy.

The advantage to coal and natural gas, obviously, is that when we need more power during tough weather times we can just crank up the generators and send down the lines as much as we need any time we need it.

I have written numerous articles in the past showing the science behind CO2, and how it is NOT a pollutant. We have no need to be afraid of it.


Also, looking at the power plants here in Wyoming it is clear to see that this state knows how to burn coal and natural gas in a way that does not let actual pollutants into the air, ground, or water.

Unlike China, Wyoming burns it CLEAN!

Even more important, please remember each time you look out the window and think, "looks cold out there," that the only energy that is keeping you warm inside is the very energy that some politicians and activists want to ban.


Having as much energy we need, when we need it, is not only good for the planet but it saves lives. By that, I mean every human, young and old, and pet in your home.

Reliable energy is not something to be scoffed at. It is CRITICAL! 

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