You can get a map to show you where the roads are. That's handy. But maps can do so much more than that.

The video below will show you how maps can paint a vivid picture as infographics. What does the US look like when we are only looking at the number of puppies per capita? What about Taco Bells? Girl Scout troops? What candy is a crowd favorite in each state? Any of these questions can be answered with a quick search.

How about a map to show you how Walmart expanded and where all its locations are now?

attachment-Growth of walmart map

Or a map to show you where all the McDonalds are? Did you know that, on average, every Wyomingite is about 115 miles from a McDonald's? But if you live in the most populated regions of the nation you are never more than a couple of miles from one.

It makes sense that one of these maps shows Wyoming's favorite fast food place as Taco Johns.

What states are the happiest? The saddest?

What states provide the most energy?

One map shows that Wyoming has more bars than grocery stores.

Which state has the most meth labs, and where are they in that state?

attachment-Meth labs by county

With today's gas prices I'm sure you would like to know what state has the best and worst gas prices. Maybe you'd like to find the best gas prices near you.

If you're single you might want to find a map to show you the single male to single female ratio for a given area. If your area sucks for finding a date, then maybe you can move to where the "hunting" is more promising.

If you hate snow then you'll want the map showing which states get the most of it.


There is even a SNOW DAY map, showing the amount of snow it takes to cancel school in that region. Some places cancel it a heck of a lot sooner than others.

If you hate heat then you'll want a map showing which states are the hottest.

On one map Wyoming shows up as a windy state. Nebraska shows up as BORING.

attachment-wind wyoming boring nebraska

If you're looking to build a career, then look for the upward mobility map. There are a few regions of Wyoming, and the nation, that suck for that.

So, use the video below and find the kind of map that best tells you what you need to know or are curious about.

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