It's a bunch of BORED people who come up with stuff like this. Then for some weird reason, we read it and share it. How bored are we?


Why would you even do that? Well, someone did on this map that you can see at this link.

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In no particular order... here we go.

Wyoming is now YOMING. That's not too bad. I could live in a place called Yoming.

Florida is now LORIDA. Sounds like someone I might have dated in college.

Texas becomes Exas. That sounds more like the gas station Exon, which makes sense because it keeps them in the oil business.

Texas road sign concept

California is now ALIFORNIA. Okay, this exercise is not as weird as I imagined it.

But then again - Utah becomes TAH. "I'm going on vacation to TAH." Nope, that doesn't work for me. How about you?

Idaho doesn't work either. Who wants to be from the state of DAHO? Sounds like something Homer Simpson says when he realizes he's made a mistake. It also sounds like an insult that you would call a woman you don't like. "She Da-Ho for SURE!" Not sure the people of Idaho would like that.

Idaho Welcome Sign

On the map, the Dakotas and Carolina's get off easy because they have North and South in front of their real names. That's cheating. Outh Dakota? - NO! - How about South AKOTA! and North AROLINA? That would make sense.

On the other hand, what do you think about Ew Hampshire? Or should it be New AMPSHIRE? I like the second one but the first one is easer to make fun off. I mean come on EW YORK? That's funny. Then again we can have a lot of fun with New ORK!

Some states just have too many letters in their name. I can never manage Massachusetts on the first try. I always have to look it up. So I'm happy to delete at least one letter from their long spelling and just call them ASSACHUSETTS.

Also the rest of the country will have fun calling them ASS-achusetts.

Worse yet, and pardon me but -- Ass-Achu-Setts. Sounds like Ass-A-Two-Sh&% - You get the idea.


Iowa becomes OWA. That sounds like an island in the state of Hawaii.

ONE SECOND! Hawaii becomes AWAII. That spelling is really confusing. The natives of Hawaii actually pronounce their state name Ha-va-ee. So the new spelling would sound like A-Va-EE. That's not too far off from what they sounded like before we removed the letter "H.". I think they are getting off the easy.

I could go on but you get the idea. If you want to see this strange map and all 50 states it's at this link.

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