Headline reads, "Experts Say Eating Ice Cream For Breakfast Is Good For You." I don't care if that is true or not. I choose to believe it.

Today's internet is filled with headlines that read, "Research Says," or "Experts Say," maybe even "Studies Show." In the vast majority of cases, these "studies" are conducted by someone who is just looking to get hits on their website. No serious research was ever done.

One example was from Wallet Hub showing which Wyoming town had the worst drivers. I interviewed the gentleman who conducted this "study" on the Wake Up Wyoming radio show. He was a young guy who had absolutely no interest in Wyoming. Had never been here. All he did was look up insurance claims in the state and drew a conclusion. If that is all he did, then he is lacking about 90% of the data needed to draw a conclusion.

Some of my favorites claim, "97 Of Scientist Agree," or "Opinion Polls Show Majority Think That..." These, too, are equal in how poorly researched their data is. Often the questions are leading with a clear agenda behind them.

But I'm still going to have ice cream for breakfast from now on.

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