Wait for it.

Robert Galloway sat before the camera for a videoconference from the Natrona County jail with Circuit Court Judge Michael Patchen during initial appearances on Friday.

Patchen, after getting the basic bio info from him, read him the single misdemeanor charge of driving under the influence and asked for his plea.

The 24-year-old Robert Galloway pleaded guilty.

Patchen asked what happened, and Robert Galloway said he'd been under a lot of stress, had a kid at home and was pulled over near East Yellowstone Highway and Bryan Stock Trail.

Assistant District Attorney Ashlee Neves told the judge that Robert Galloway earlier this year pleaded guilty to a count of domestic battery and was placed on one year of supervised probation. Neves recommended he be placed on a consecutive year of supervised probation for the DUI.

Patchen agreed and gave Robert Galloway a suspended six-month jail sentence, the recommended consecutive year of supervised probation, and assessed him $870 in a fine, court costs and fees.


A couple of defendants' hearings later, Sheriff's deputies brought Robert Galloway back to before Patchen.

"Robert Galloway," in fact, was Cody Galloway. A deputy confirmed the Galloways were brothers.

Patchen asked Cody -- a few minutes earlier formerly known as Robert -- Galloway why he gave the wrong name.

Cody Galloway responded, "I was being stupid thinking I can get away with something."

Cody Galloway also pleaded "not guilty" to the DUI charge.

Patchen wasn't done.

Because Cody Galloway lied, the judge sentenced him to 10 days in jail for contempt of court and ordered a $10,000 cash or surety bond for him when his time was up.


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