This morning a Casper man was sentenced to 10.5 to 12 years for sexually abusing a 15 year old girl.

In August last year Daniel Uptain was charged with three counts of sexual abuse of a minor in the 2nd degree, two counts of sexual abuse of a minor in the 3rd degree, and one count of solicitation.

In October Uptain, 39, pleaded not guilty to the charges; he faced the rest of his life in prison if he was found guilty on all counts.

In January he accepted a deal and changed his plea to guilty. Prosecutors in exchange dismissed all but two of his charges: sexual abuse of a minor in the 2nd degree and exploitation.

Judge Daniel Forgey did not find that probation would be apropriate, largely because Uptain has been convicted of 11 or 12 (the court couldn't provide an exact number) felonies.

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Court records state that the investigation began in July when the victim attempted suicide in a treatment center.

In an interview with a forensic investigator at the Children's Advocacy Project, the victim said she began a sexual relationship with Uptain when she was 15 years old. She believed they had sexual intercourse a total of four times.

The victim alleged that she first met Uptain on a dating site on October 8th, 2022. When Uptain asked if she would have sex with him, the teen told him she would not do it for free.

In exchange for money, the victim alleged that Uptain snuck into her window and they had sexual intercourse.

The victim told investigators that she later recalled asking Uptain if their age difference bothered him.

"Well traditionally women were married at the age of 15 and 16 and I'm a traditional man so no, it doesn't bother me."

Later, in a separate interview with Uptain, the defendant confirmed that he had said something to that effect.

In the same interview, Uptain also told investigators that when he first met the victim he believed she was in her 20s, but after interacting with her more, he suspected she was in her "late teens."

On other occasions Uptain allegedly brought the victim money, marijuana, and alcohol for sexual interaction. Uptain also told investigators that nude photographs—and likely videos—were exchanged between himself and the victim via apps like Snapchat.

At the time, in the 'About' section of Uptain's LinkedIn profile it read: "I have spent several summers as a volunteer, interacting with grade school children as well as youth at summer camps, fair booths, and neighborhood bible clubs..."

Children's Advocacy Project Pinwheels for Abused Children

In 2008, Prevent Child Abuse America introduced the pinwheel as the new national symbol for child abuse prevention. Why? Because by its very nature, the pinwheel connotes playfulness, joy, and childhood. It has come to serve as a physical reminder of the great childhoods we want for all children.

Gallery Credit: Kolby Fedore, Townsquare Media

Children's Advocacy Project in Casper

Gallery Credit: Kolby Fedore, Townsquare Media

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