The Wyoming Game and Fish Department often depends on the public to report instances of illegally taken animals, because many of those crimes would go undetected otherwise.

Two Texas men --  Carl Denmon and Matthew Adams -- were recently investigated, prosecuted, pleaded guilty and sentenced for illegally killing three antelope in Sweetwater County in October.

The investigation started after Denmon and Adams were involved in a highway crash.

The man who towed their pickup to a shop told a game warden that he saw blood and hair in the truck bed and thought it was suspicious.

The tow truck driver and another reporting party in this case each received a $750 reward for their information that led to Adams' and Denmon's convictions.

Anyone who believes they have witnessed a wildlife crime can report it to the Wyoming Game and Fish Department online, or by calling 1-(877)-WGFD-TIP, or Text: WGFD to 847-411.

Reporting parties can choose to remain anonymous.

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