Thanksgiving means time to drive to see friends and family.

Let's have a look at road conditions across Wyoming between now and then.


Slight chance of rain in the lower elevations and snow in the higher elevations. A bit windy on the eastern side of the state with gusts blowing directly from the north to the south.


Good days to drive. Sunny and temperatures will be mild for this time of year. A little breeze on the southeastern side of the state.


Get your traveling done by Thursday morning. BUT DON'T COUNT ON THIS. On Thanksgiving day the snow will start moving on, from the north, early in the morning. By evening it will have enveloped the state. Expect temperatures to drop, a lot.

It's not like Wyoming drivers aren't used to this sort of driving, but let's not slide off the road on Thanksgiving day.



Still a chance of snow, Cloudy. Temperatures drop considerably.


These days look like good days to drive home. Still cold, but partly cloudy and the roads should have mostly cleared up by then.

We are not looking at anything dramatic, as far as Thursday and Friday snowfalls and cold temperatures. It will just feel more like what a November usually feels like to folks who have lived in Wyoming for any length of time.

Below, regional meteorologist Don Day of Day Weather Gives his travel forecast.

As we start the week after Thanksgiving temperatures will slowly warm up. But not to the level that we have been enjoying over the past few weeks.

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