Two cases of child sexual abuse allegedly committed by one man were joined during in a recent hearing in Natrona County District Court.

Feliciano Quiroz was charged in August with multiple counts of child sexual abuse, which fell into three categories:

  • Two counts of first-degree sexual abuse (sexual intrusion) of a minor; each count punishable by between 25 years and 50 years imprisonment.
  • Four counts of third-degree sexual abuse of a minor; each count punishable by up to 15 years imprisonment.
  • Four counts of immodest, indecent or immoral liberties with a minor. (This crime is included in third-degree sexual abuse of a minor. It is unclear how these counts were different from third-degree sexual abuse of a minor.) Each count is punishable by up to 10 years imprisonment.

In October, Quiroz was charged in a second and separate case with five child sexual abuse counts: one count indecent liberties with a minor, one count of second-degree sexual abuse of a minor, and three counts of third-degree sexual abuse of a minor.

This case surfaced when law enforcement officers interviewed an adult male in Torrington in August, and a teenage male in September. Both recounted incidents during which Quiroz allegedly abused them.

He was arraigned on Nov. 10.

Quiroz has pleaded not guilty to all counts. He is free on bond.

On Jan.5, Assistant District Attorney Kevin Taheri, Quiroz and his Public Defender Joseph Cole appeared before Natrona County District Court Judge Catherine Wilking.

Taheri asked that two counts against Quiroz.

He and Cole also submitted a joint motion to consolidate the cases.

"For judicial economy it would be appropriate," Taheri said.

Wilking granted the motion.

The attorneys and the judge then discussed when the trial would occur.

Wilking said she's booked through May, anything after that would violate Quiroz's right to a speedy trial.

Cole privately with Quiroz, then told the judge that Quiroz would waive the right.

Wilking, Cole and Taheri agreed that the five-day trial would be scheduled to start on Oct. 2.

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