Natrona County Emergency Management, the Wyoming National Guard and other local first responder agencies next week will participate in a comprehensive emergency response exercise to enhance public safety and preparedness, according to a press release.

The exercise, known as Vigilant Guard 23-3, will occur in counties throughout the state from June 12 to 15.

The press release did not specify when and where in Natrona County the exercise will occur.

Vigilant Guard 23-2 will bring together military personnel, first responders, homeland security and emergency management officials, and other key stakeholders to simulate a large-scale disaster scenario.

It also will provide an opportunity to test response capabilities, coordination among agencies, and communication systems in a controlled environment.

Vigilant Guard 23-3 is designed to ensure that emergency response organizations are well-prepared and ready to effectively respond to crises that may arise in their community.

During the exercise, residents may notice an increased presence of emergency response personnel, military vehicles, and aircraft in certain areas.

The community may see smoke and hear sirens in exercise areas.

It is important to note that these activities are part of the exercise and not an actual emergency.

Organizers will post signs about the exercise in high-traffic areas.

When appropriate, updates and additional information will be shared on the Natrona County Emergency Management official Facebook page.


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