It may the middle of October, but winter weather is coming to central Wyoming. Our first dose of snow for this fall, could affect hunters that are heading to the high country and it's a good idea to make sure you're prepared.

The Natrona County Sheriff's Office has an easy way to help you, with the Backcountry SOS App. The app is easy to use and can be used with very little phone service, uses minimal battery, you don't need to setup an account or login and will work in places where you can barely get a text message out.

•Hunters and others heading into the backcountry should prepare for wet and cold conditions; dress in layers!
•Download the Backcountry SOS app to quickly and accurately provide your status and location to first responders in a backcountry emergency.
•Consider adding an FRS or GMRS radio to your pack; tune to Ch3 & Code7 (remember: Ch 307) to communicate with first responders and SAR in an emergency. #Be307Aware
•Heavy, wet snow could make for difficult travel on unpaved mountain roads; ensure you have a fully stocked emergency vehicle kit

Even if you're not hunting in Natrona County, there are multiple Wyoming, Montana, Idaho and Utah counties where the Backcountry SOS app can be used.

  • Albany County, Wyoming
  • Carbon County, Wyoming
  • Natrona County, Wyoming
  • Park County, Wyoming
  • Sweetwater County, Wyoming
  • Teton County, Wyoming
  • Blaine County, Idaho
  • Boise County, Idaho
  • Teton County, Idaho
  • Meagher County, Montana
  • Missoula County, Montana
  • Grand County, Utah

Stocking your car is an important step you'll need to take. Hopefully you'll never need to use any of the supplies you have, but having them could save your life.

The Natrona County Emergency Management Team is always giving you great tips and ideas to be prepared.

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