Let's say the weather forecast shows another big winter snow coming our way, complete with sub-zero temperatures.

If you're smart, you'll get what you need from the store and stay home until it's over.

Most of us can miss work on the worst possible days.

But, some of us have to work no matter how bad it gets.

Some of us are working because the weather is that bad.

Let's make a short list of who's out there working while the rest of us are warm and cozy inside.

Linemen repairing power lines.
Snow plow drivers.

Let's add to that all the people who show up to support those listed above, and that includes dispatch officers directing them on their radios.

Hospital workers from doctors to nurses and all those who support them have to be there in all weather.

You have electricity because of the people working at the power plant to provide enough power for the high demand on the grid.

Farmers and ranchers have to take care of their property and animals no matter what the weather is.

Coal miners often work no matter what the weather. They rarely shut down.

Oil and gas workers can usually be found out there checking their rigs in all conditions.

Let's not forget our military, in every branch, who are on duty no matter what the conditions.

All of these people are working hard to keep you safe and warm so you can binge-watch your favorite TV show while you stuff your face with snacks.

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