Walking down the street isn't nearly as safe as it used to be. Even here in Casper, where crime isn't horrible, there are still instances where knowing how to defend yourself is important.

A couple weeks ago, a man approached my lady friend when she was dropping donation items off in downtown Casper. This man, put his hands around her hips and asked her for a ride. In the moment, she froze, but was able to regain her composure and get away from the man.

Most people go through scenarios like this in our head, and think we know how to deal with that type of situation. The problem is, most people haven't been trained to react and be able to defend themselves.

Now, there is a way that women can get that training here in Casper. The YMCA of Natrona County is holding a workshop on December 9th with highly trained and qualified, Kerry Nelms, to help women build confidence, awareness and safety. You'll learn many important techniques to avoid situations and ways to defend yourself, if a situation like the one I mentioned above ever arises.

You don't have to be a member of the YMCA to attend. The price of the class is $20 for non-members and $15 for members.

Because of the crazy world we live in, this class will more than likely fill up quickly. So, make sure to tell your friends and family members about the class. Would be a perfect workshop for mothers, daughters, friends or other groups to take so that you're prepared if a situation happens.

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