Wyoming is one of the best states for supporting our veterans. With many different organizations that are solely dedicated to help the vets have the opportunities they deserve.

One of those organizations is H.D. Outdoors and over the last couple years, they've been making quite the impact in the community. Their mission is pretty simple, to give veterans support and experiences. From the H.D. Outdoors website:

We are committed as a non-profit to offer a safe and therapeutic environment to each veteran that joins our program as we are also committed to offering a completely financially burden free experience no matter where they are traveling from in the United States.

To ensure they're able to help as many veterans has possible, fundraising is something that is necessary to keep these opportunities available.

Earlier this year, H.D. Outdoors kicked off the 2023 Thankful Thursday season with a record setting $42,365. 100% of the funds raised by the organization goes right back into helping veterans.

Not only are the veterans offered hunts, but they're offered support and support from others that have some of the same experiences and problems they have. One of those get togethers is at Riverbend Roosters Hunting & Shooing Preserve, called 'Recoil Therapy'.

Coming up June 10th, there's another big fundraising event happening at Riverbend Roosters, it's the 2nd Annual 'Clays for the Brave & Calcutta'.

Make plans now to get involved and help raise money to keep the experiences for veterans happening and help H.D. Outdoors continue to grow.

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