The motto is:

No Kid Sleeps On The Floor In Our Town

The mission is:

building beds for kids in our community

The organization is:

Sleep in Heavenly Peace - Casper

For many families, space is a big issue. Not enough room or money to have beds for every child in the house. Enter Sleep in Heavenly Peace, a community organization that makes sure that if a kid needs a bed, they make sure to get them one.

The group builds, assembles and delivers sleeping accommodations for kids. Seems like a pretty simple concept, but one that makes life changing impacts.

Having kids sleeping with their parents, on the floor or the couch because they don't have a bed, doesn't seem like a big deal, until it happens to you or someone you love. Knowing that you have your own space to stretch out and enjoy hours of uninterrupted sleep, is really important.

Enter Sleep in Heavenly Peace.

The group stared out in a garage and have now spread to nearly every state in the US and into other countries around the globe.

Saturday is the Casper Sleep in Heavenly Peace 'Bed Build'. A day dedicated to nothing but building beds for kids all over the community. Sunrise Shopping Center is where the building is taking place. Starting at 8:30am, saws will be cutting, drills will be drilling and beds will be made.

Do you have carpentry skills? Do you not have carpentry skills? It doesn't matter. There's a job for you on this special day. If you'd like to volunteer, there's still time to sign up.

If you can't help on Saturday, you can always make a donation.

Here's how you're helping out when you donate.

  • Pillow - $5
  • Sheet set - $10
  • Comforter - $25
  • Mattress - $100
  • Single Bed - $250
  • Whole Bunk Set - $500

If you can swing a hammer, use a drill, carry a load and are ready to help out, this is your chance.

More information and if you have any questions, check Sleep In Heavenly Peace out on Facebook or their website SHPBEDS.COM

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