Are bookstores a thing of the past?


A new one just opened up in Downtown Casper, Wyoming

This one is a little different.

It's called Bookin It.

Located right on Second Street just a short distance from the old Rialto Theater and the Wooden Derek Cafe. Look right across the street from Lou Taubert Ranch Outfitters.

This is Kristy Bussey owner, operator, and manager of good vibes.

Kristy Bussey, ower of Bookin It.
Kristy Bussey, owner of Bookin It.

Bookin It is a used book store, that will be a little different.

Not just romance and mystery paperbacks like many used bookstores, but a large variety of topics and genres to explore.

I say "will be" because the owner is still working on a few things, like converting the upstairs into a place to relax and read and hold a few events.

The store is not in competition with Wind City Books, which is just around the corner. Rather, you can buy a new book at Wind City and bring it in for credits on more books at Bookin It.

My new friend, neighbor & fellow business owner, Miranda at Wind City Books gifted me with some AWESOME books to fill my shelves.

Merry Christmas to Me!
Look for our upcoming incentive program! (Kristy Bussey owner).

You'll be required to stop and say hello to Lily, the store security officer. But she might be napping.

Lily, store security officer.
Lily, store security officer.

There will be a music area, along with the books.

You'll enjoy looking at the eclectic art displays that depict music, books, and good vibes.

Some of you in Casper might remember a mobile bookstore driving around town.

This is that same store, just not on wheels.

There is nothing even close to the enjoyment of exploring a bookstore.

It's not like any other kind of shopping.

If you have a stack of books at home that just keeps growing, bring it in and offer them to Kristy.

attachment-Bookin it 9

The new store looks great but there is still a lot of work to be done.

Follow Bookin It on Facebook to watch Kristy's progress and learn about sales and events.

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