Folks from Wyoming have a good sense of humor and it's a good thing too, because we get made fun of, a lot!

In the last week (starting around Monday, January 23rd, 2023), a meme that was originally posted back in January 2019, has started going viral again. The meme says:

Stop complaining about your life, there are people who literally live in Wyoming.

The meme comes from Twitter account, Giano Fiore, which is now set to private. That actually doesn't surprise me, because I'm pretty sure he received a lot of nasty tweets in response.

The meme/tweet is mildly comedic, but what has shocked me is that so many Wyoming residents have been sharing it! While some are sharing at with interesting captions with allusions to that's how we keep the Cowboy State population small and happy, a good fifty percent of the shares seem to be from people that don't like it here or don't want to be here.

To them I only want to say one thing... BYE! Feel free to leave!

Although I don't subscribe to the "Wyoming is full" or "we don't want you here" philosophy I see so adamantly plastered across bumper stickers and other mean-spirited rhetoric, I do feel if you don't like it here, no on is forcing you to stay.

I have many a group of friends and family that complained about life in Wyoming, but found themselves moving back in five years or less, because they figured out the grass really is NOT greener on the other side.

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Again, the meme is kind of funny, but I'm glad things like this exist, because most residents realize what a true paradise Wyoming is, and the more people that don't live here keep spreading this type of thing, the more we can keep our little slice of heaven a secret.

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