There are quite a few terms of endearment that we use to refer to our significant others, on daily basis even, but according to a new Twitter post, you may or may not be using the most popular term in your state.

One of my personal favorite Twitter accounts, UberFacts, recently the map (shown below), which lists the "The Most Uniquely Popular Girlfriend/Boyfriend Slang Word for Each State". I was kind of shocked for the most popular choice for Wyoming, which was "my boy". That just seems like a funny term of endearment.

my boy
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Some of the more common slang terms in the surrounding states include

  • Boo - Idaho
  • Wifey - Colorado
  • Sugar Daddy - Montana
  • Cutie - Utah
  • Hubby - Nebraska
  • Dearest - South Dakota

I had to know where this data was gleaned from, because it just didn't seem right. After doing a little bit more online research, I found the original source of the study, which was a website called, Crossword Solver. The methodology does make since, but since most of that data was sourced from Twitter, you have to take it at face value.

Personally, my go to significant other slang terms are:

  • Sweets
  • Babe
  • Hun
  • Ma (don't ask... it was an East Coast thing in the '90s)

Did any of your favorites make the cut?

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