CAUTION: This story is based on yet another lame Wallet Hub "study."

We all face stress of one kind or another.

What kind of stress you face depends, in some part, on where you live.

Someone who lives in a major city, for example, will face a different kind of stress than someone living in rural Wyoming.

Wallet Hub has released a list of what people stress about, where, and what states are most and least stressed.

Wyoming came out in the middle, 23rd out of the 50 states for level of stress.


They claim that Wyoming is the second-most stressed state about jobs, putting the state just below Alaska.

Here is where Wallet Hub, once again, uses sketchy metrics to come to a questionable conclusion.

Walled Hub points to “time spent at work” as a marker for stress.

Using that metric Wyoming is tied for second with Texas, behind Alaska.

They assume that the more hours you work the more stressed you are.

They never bother to think that some people actually enjoy the work they do.

What about people who are in professions that are not stressful, or professions that they love? What if someone works a lot of hours because they enjoy what they do?

Proud farmer standing in front of tractor

I know of Wyoming ranchers and small business owners who spend most of their week working because they have a passion for their profession.

Walled Hub then ranked Wyoming 24th in “health and wellness-related stress.”

29th in “money-related stress.”

Wyoming ranks 44th in least “family-related stress,” in the country.

Let's take "money stress" as yet another example of poor metrics by Wallet Hub.

The problem is they never define their terms.

They just say that people in Wyoming are stressed by money, ranking us 29th in the nation.

But based on what? They never tell us how they arrived at that conclusion.

TSM Media Center
TSM Media Center

Here's a thought for the folks at Walled Hub: If you want to know Wyoming's stress level, for that matter, what we stress about, come to Wyoming. Spend some time here. Get to know the people. Don't assume.


The moral of the story is: don't believe most of the "studies" you see on the internet.

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