School Performance Data has been released by the Wyoming Department of Education and Superintendant Megan Degenfelder. Trends show an increase in school performance after the pandemic shutdown in spring 2020. 

Despite the post-pandemic improvements, statistics are still lagging behind pre-pandemic progress. For the 2022-2023 school year, 26 percent of schools improved their performance rating. Fifty-three percent of schools remained in the same performance rating and 21 percent of schools declined. 

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Full school performance rating data can be found here. A three-rating period snapshot by district can be found here. A Parent and Community Member Overview, outlining the accountability process and additional current results can be found here

For Albany County School District No. 1, statistics by school and category are as follows. Changes in performance levels are reflected in parenthesis. School performance data was not collected for the 2019-20 and 2020-21 school years. 

Elementary School Statistics
Exceeding Expectations: Rock River (2021-22 Not Meeting Expectations)
Slade, Linford, and Spring Creek

Meeting Expectations:
Indian Paintbrush (2021-22 Exceeding Expectations; 2018-19 Partially Meeting Expectations) 

Partially Meeting Expectations:
Harmony (2018-19 Exceeding Expectations)
Laramie Montessori (2021-22 Meeting Expectations

Under Review (Schools with small enrollment counts that do not meet the minimum n for either achievement or growth, even after applying lookbacks, will undergo a small school review)
Notch Peak 

K-8 School Statistics
Exceeding Expectations: Snowy Range Academy
Meeting Expectations: UW Lab School

Middle School Statistics
Meeting Expectations: Laramie Middle
Partially Meeting Expectations: Rock River Junior High (2021-22 & 2018-19 Meeting Expectations)

High School Statistics
Meeting Expectations: Laramie High & Rock River High (2021-22 & 2018-19 Partially Meeting Expectations)
Meeting Alternative Expectations: Whiting High School

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