The Cheyenne Police Department has revealed the identities of the men involved in Thursday afternoon's deadly shooting in north central Cheyenne.

According to Public Information Officer Alex Farkas, officers were called to a report of a shooting in the 3300 block of Dunn Avenue around 2 p.m. and determined that three men had been shot.

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Farkas says two shooters, 18-year-old Leandro Dominguez and 24-year-old James Gulley, both from Cheyenne, were taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries, and Dominguez's brother, 22-year-old Mauricio Dominguez Jr., also from Cheyenne, was pronounced dead at the scene.

She says detectives learned that Gulley and 31-year-old Casper resident Danielle Krix were parked in a white passenger vehicle on 2nd Avenue, west of Dunn Avenue, when the Dominguez brothers pulled up next to them in a red pickup.

"Mauricio Dominguez got out of the passenger side of the truck brandishing a large pipe wrench in a threatening manner," Farkas in a news release on Friday afternoon said.

"Gulley simultaneously exited the driver’s side of his vehicle, pulled out a firearm, and shot at Mauricio Dominguez multiple times, killing him," she added. "Gulley then called 9-1-1 to report the incident."

Farkas says Leandro Dominguez drove to his nearby house to get a gun, then returned to the scene, pointed the gun toward Gulley and Krix, and shot at Gulley, who returned fire.

"Gulley’s brother, Darnell Gulley, 18, from Cheyenne, heard the altercation from his residence and walked toward the scene," said Farkas. "He was nearly struck by the bullets while approaching and fled from the gunfire."

Farkas says there were several bystanders in the area, but no other injuries were reported.

"Out of an abundance of caution, Alta Vista and Arp Elementary Schools were placed into a secure perimeter and were staffed with additional officers, but the incident did not involve any threats to students or administration," said Farkas.

Early Friday morning, detectives met with Laramie County District Attorney Sylvia Hackl to review evidence and discuss charges, and ended up arresting Leandro Dominguez on three counts of aggravated assault and one count of attempted murder.

When asked if Gulley was going to be arrested, Farkas told KGAB Radio, "The investigation is still ongoing and detectives will present all evidence to the DA's office."

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