You might think that a state like Wyoming would have a lot more reported UFO sightings.

The problem is, there is more empty space out this way for alien spacecraft to land in and few people report it.

So when we look at the UFO sighting heat map, yes, that's a real thing on the internet, we find that Wyoming has few reported sightings.

But that doesn't mean they are not out here.

Let's face it, if something landed at a ranch house out in the middle of no place and they outer space buggers spend the night probing the lone guy who lives out there, who would know and who is he going to tell?

As we look at the reported sighting eat map it's no surprise that most reported sightings happen in populated areas.

People who live in major cities don't get to see the night sky as we see it here in Wyoming. There are just too many lights. So when they do see something passing overhead, it freaks them out.

attachment-UFO Heat Map

In March of 2023 residents of Utah, Wyoming, and Nevada, reported two beams of light in the night sky.

A video of those lights is below.

Nobody is sure what those lights were.

Unfortunately, those lights turned out to be astronomical, not extraterrestrial.

Jupiter and Venus aligned in a rare conjunction on the night of March 1, where Venus began passing Jupiter as both planets were making their way around the sun.


If you do see a UFO, and by that, we do mean SPACE ALIENS, there is a place where you can report them.

Sure, you can call the police or maybe your federal government.

Or how about visiting the ENIGMA page for UFO sightings?

Enigma is a private group that tracks reports of strange objects in the night sky.

Enigma also has a sightings page where can search the latest reports from across the nation.

Inside Wyoming Missile Silo For Sale

There are decommissioned missile silos for sale in Wyoming.

Thermal nuclear device not included.

Now why would anyone want to own one of those?

Lets start by looking to the outside, then go in.

Well, because owning one is just such a cool idea.

So lets have a look at what the realtor is offering.

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Are they trying to steal our satellite TV?
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