Another election year is looming in Wyoming, where voters will be casting ballots for offices ranging from President of the United States to local city council races.

In Wyoming, high-profile races sich as the U.S. Senate seat currently held by Republican John Barrasso and the Congressional seat currently held by first-term Republican Harriet Hageman are on the ballot.

Several legislative seats as well as local races ranging from city council to county commission to local school boards will be on the ballot. In Cheyenne, The office of mayor is on the ballot. Incumbent Patrick Collins, who was first elected in 2020, has not announced whether he plans to run for another term in that office.

So when it comes time to vote, what issues will be on your mind?

The cost of living, or inflation, seems like a big concern for a lot of folks. Most people have jobs, but keeping up with the cost of groceries and other life expenses is a challenge for a lot of folks, especially families with kids.

We're getting into the time of year when high-utility bills hit home too. Heating your home in a frigid Wyoming winter is mandatory. But it's not cheap these days.

High about crime. Whether we are talking about violent crimes or people stealing property, it certainly hasn't gone away. Then there is the scourge of dangerous drugs, especially fentanyl and meth

We tried to include some of the more commonly voiced concerns that we've heard in person or seen mentioned on social media in our poll. Of course, we couldn't mention every single concern, but we tried to at least hit some of the more common ones.

So what do you think? Take our poll and give us your opinion!

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