After writing yet another story about how expensive Jackson, Wyoming is becoming I decided that we need some jokes about it. So, I sat down and wrote some. Feel free to share them with your friends.

Let's get the first, most used, and obvious joke out of the way. The one that has been around for a few years.

Jackson Hole is so expensive the billionaires are pushing out the millionaires. 

From there on are the jokes I wrote. At this point let's just assume the first line "JACKSON HOLE IS SO EXPENSIVE..." and we'll write the rest of the jokes from there.

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The guy next to me had to sell his Lamborghini to buy lunch.

He had to take out a mortgage in order to super-size it.

A gym membership only costs $120,000 a year. But that's pretty steep considering it’s $60,000 a visit

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Residents have to drive their own limousines because drivers can't afford to live here.

Inflation is so bad people can't afford to fill party balloons.

It's actually cheaper to get a divorce than to keep the trophy wife.


Some women who REALLY NEED BOTOX can't afford it. The situation is getting ugly.

The city can't afford to send paramedics so they should only send one.

Did that last joke confuse you? Go back and read it again, you'll get it.


A night's stay in the hospital is actually cheaper than a night's stay at home.

A cup of coffee at Starbucks costs as much as the building they serve it in.

The cemetery is empty because no one can afford to DIE there.

They are thinking of changing the town's name to something Irish because home prices keep Dublin'.

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Dating websites don't get any action, because dating is too expensive.

A homeless man was actually seen feeling sorry for a billionaire.

Turns out the homeless man was a millionaire.

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