For the record, the plane shown above IS NOT the plane that crashed. I just needed a good picture of a plane crash for the story.

Landon Lucas, 19,  is the young man in this story. He's from a longtime ranching family in Jackson Hole. His small plane crashed in New Mexico.

The co-pilot did not survive.

Injuries to Lucas include every bone in both legs broken, seven broken ribs, broken. Pelvis detached from his spinal column. All of his teeth were knocked out. Most of the bones in his face are shattered.

Propeller plane flying on the cloudy sky background

Surgeries continue for internal bleeding and lung issues. Doctors are trying to repair his aorta. He is on a ventilator and has a feeding tube.

“I know in my heart that life will be good for him again. Maybe not perfect, but good,” Lucas’ mother Rita stated yesterday. “We know that by the grace of God, shattered bodies can heal. The pain will subside and he will once again feel joy which comes so naturally to him. His life will be good again.” (JacksonHolePress).

This is not Lucas's first problem as a pilot. He was involved in an emergency landing last summer after his engine died.

Lucas, then 18 and working for an aerial advertising banner company at the time, set the 1946 Piper Cub down on a busy bridge in New Jersey. (JacksonHolePress).

Photos By Tim Mandese
Photos By Tim Mandese

General aviation is actually very safe. Crashes like these are not common.

In most cases, when there is a problem, the plane becomes a glider and can be safely landed.

No word yet on what caused this crash.

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